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Mondtholomew - a rewrite of Mond that work

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Mondtholomew - a rewrite of Mond that work

Post by Jeff »

Mond but it work
A rewrite of Mond which fixes all of its' problems

Image Preview:
GitHub/Download Link:

  • Includes the Anurati Free font by default, no need to download and install it. It's not used by default though. Right click and select the "Use the ugly ahh Mond font" context action.
  • Weather that actually works
  • Seamless resizing with mouse wheel
  • Easy centering through the right click menu options
  • Uses the local language format for dates
  • Uses WebNowPlaying for browser and Spotify media info. Can be switched back to normal NowPlaying for local music players
  • Included visualizer!!
Mondtholomew uses WebNowPlaying by default. This lets the player skin read information from your browser with a browser extension. You can also use the Spotify app but you need to install Spicetify-CLI to use it with any Rainmeter skin.

Why it was made
The original skin has had multiple head scratchers :???:
  • The bounding box of the skin isn't the skin size only, meaning any attempt (that isn't hardcoding the X and Y positions of the strings, which the original skin didn't) to center it would have failed, fixed by making the bounding box always be where the skin contents are and by using the built in centering options that come with Rainmeter
  • The font is free for personal use, yet it isn't included for some reason
  • The weather has been broken since shut down, fixed using jsmorley's parser
  • The player inside the skin uses NowPlaying, most people use Spotify and want the progress info too, so the skin now uses WebNowPlaying and we redirrect people to install the webnowplaying.js extension for Spicetify
  • The original skin is unmentained/abandonware
Over on Discord, we have had people kept asking us how to fix these stuff on the original skin and we got fed up, Reisir decided to remake it.
This remake of Mond comes after the Robux remake, which is based of Robik by the same author.
It would be nice if anyone can enlighten us why MeasureNetworkInDelay exists in Robik

This skin was shared after gaining permission from Reisir to do so
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Re: Mondtholomew - a rewrite of Mond that work

Post by tismo74 »

How do I enable local player? nice work on the skin btw. everything works
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Re: Mondtholomew - a rewrite of Mond that work

Post by eclectic-tech »

tismo74 wrote: February 27th, 2023, 1:25 pm How do I enable local player? nice work on the skin btw. everything works
You can edit the skin variables by right-clicking any Mond skin and selecting 'edit variables'.
This will open the variables file in your text editor.
Scroll down to the line PlayerPlugin=WebNowPlaying and change that to PlayerPlugin=NowPlaying.
Change PlayerName=CAD to your supported media player name. See: Supported Players

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a current issue that needs correcting before NowPlayiing works. The buttons do not work and if you select PlayerPlugin=NowPlaying and TitleExtraction=1 it will currently crash Rainmeter. Setting TitleExtraction=0 stops the crash but the buttons still do not work.

The NowPlaying has been corrected. Get the latest package from the Github link above.
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Re: Mondtholomew - a rewrite of Mond that work

Post by delano.888 »

Is there a way to keep the weather but hide the city text? Thanks for making this epic skin btw! Love it!