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Transparent Clock

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Transparent Clock

Post by eclectic-tech »

A truly transparent clock with 3 variants:
  • Fully Transparent
  • Transparent Numerals with Blurred Background
  • Blurred Numerals with Transparent Background
Skins monitors your wallpaper luminance and update when a change is detected (Update will take a few seconds :Whistle )

  • Manully sync to your current wallpaper
  • Change shadow color (light/dark)
  • Show/hide a border
Uses NConvert.exe addon program (included in package)
Skin will identify your current cached wallpaper from Windows (using code by Yincognito) :rosegift:
This file is used for clear transparent backgrounds

Adds gaussian blur (other modifying options are possible; see "@Resources\Addons\NConvert\help.txt")
Then saves a blurred copy in the skin's "@Resourcces\Images\" for use in the clocks.

Note: When first loaded, you will need to either select 'Sync Wallpaper' from the skin context menu or change your wallpaper.
Both actions will cause the skin to update your clock to use your wallpaper.

Comments/Suggestions welcome
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