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Sigma Blur

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Sigma Blur

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Screenshot 2023-01-30 SigmaBlur2-Thumb.jpg

Adjustable individual METER background blur
Optional blur, borders, and shading
Scalable for any resolution
Optional rounded corners (for Win 11 admirers ;-) )
And many more skins...

"Thanks" to member nek and other members who posted tips on optimizing skins,
I have modified my original (CPU intensive) SIGMA suite to use as little resources as possible
and achieve selectable blurring for individual meters in skins.

ImageMagick program installed (see KHanhas's plugin for installation instructions; his plugin is included in this package)
Rainmeter +
Windows 10 +

DA Link:

NOTE: Due to changes in ImageMagick V7.1+ that crippled this suite...
I created a new version usingthat does not need that program.
Available here: ACCESS Suite
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