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Interested in being part of the development team?

Report bugs with the Rainmeter application and suggest features.
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Interested in being part of the development team?

Post by jsmorley »

We would be delighted to add some more C++ coders who are also Rainmeter fans and would like to help us move the application forward in some cool ways and improve some existing components.

What we need is anyone who has a good working knowledge of C++ (We use Microsoft Visual C++ 2017) and a good understanding of how Rainmeter works from a "skin author" standpoint. The guts of the Rainmeter C++ code we can get you up to speed on. It's not terribly complicated if you are good with C++.

If you want to take a look at the code first, feel free to get it from: You will need some kind of subversion / source control software on your PC, we recommend TortoiseGit.

If after looking at the code, you are interested in being a part of the team, and think you have the skills and a bit of free time to help out, please PM (Private Message) me here in the forums. Let me know what your C++ skill level is.

I will do a first level check so I don't bother the rest of the team with those who are Visual Basic coders or those would would like to use this as a way to "start learning C++" and will get you added to a private developers area on the board where we can take the discussion to the next level with the rest of the team.

Working with Rainmeter has been a lot of fun, come join us!