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Quanto - Windows 11 Style - Simple & Freedom

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Quanto - Windows 11 Style - Simple & Freedom

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Quanto, a desktop customization tool based on Rainmeter.
Simple & Freedom.
Inspired by designs of Windows 11 and Big Sur for Rainmeter by fediaFedia.

¿Quanto? ¡Mucho!
It's more than you can imagine!
Make Your Layouts Freely
Default layouts are included Center, Both Sides and Side Bar.
This is a multi-panel assembled tool. You can freely assemble it according to your needs.

The Whole Nine Yards!
Panels can be added by opening the Settings of Quanto via the "+" button in the corner of the desktop or the right-click context menu of each panel.
  • Shortcuts and 4 4-in-1 panels.
  • 23 Widgets.
    Battery, Calculator, Calendar, Control, COVID-19 Datas, CPU, CPU (Detailed), Desktop Drivers (26), Fans (4), Gallery, GPU (8), Media Control, Network, Note (4), RAM, RSS Feeds, Search, Stopwatch, Time & Date, Timer, Weather, World Clock
  • 5 Extras.
    Background, Global Control, Side Bar Background, Time, Visualiser
All Control at Your Fingertips
Global Settings can be opened by opening the Settings of Quanto via the "+" button in the corner of the desktop or the right-click context menu of each panel.
  • Color modes
  • See big in small. Details Settings (Take Effect and Rounded coners & borders for an example):
System Compatibility
It supports Windows 7 and any newer systems.

Support Languages
So far, it supports 3 languages. Welcome your contributions of translation!
  • English (US)
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)

About the First Version (Posted Here)
I had adjusted it for a year (and previously it was named "Fluent Design" as you can see in the RMSKIN files), and it has been posted at other platforms. Now, it is posted here!

Note: How to configure AIDA64
First, download AIDA64 Extreme or other versions. And then:
  • Open AIDA64, cilck "file" at menu and select "preferences".
  • Down "hardware monitoring" category at the left menu, select "external applications" page, check "enable writing sensor values to Registry" at right, and click "select all" at below.
  • Confirm all the dialog, and refresh the skin. Ensure that AIDA64 is running at the background.
It should be noted that NOT ALL hardware is capable of displaying ALL extra informations due to device differences.

Hope you can enjoy it!

Also avalible on GitHub.
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