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Burger Menu Help

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Burger Menu Help

Post by Franzishans123 »


I'm quiet new to Rainmeter and i only use it to mimic a Software. I accomplished most of it, but now i need to create a Burger Menu with a Popup.
Has anybody seen something similar or can help me create one?

In the attachments you can see what i try to mimic. The Burger icon opens the transparent launchpad.
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Re: Burger Menu Help

Post by Yincognito »

You can use a simple Image meter whose ImageName option you set to a burger icon file, then add a LeftMouseUpAction option to that meter that either:
- shows using the !ShowMeter / !ToggleMeter bang a partially transparent Shape meter where you place other Image meters with corresponding icons and left mouse up actions according to the launchpad
- loads using the !ActivateConfig / !Toggle bang a separate skin corresponding to your launchpad which would be done similarly to the approach described above
More details in the manual. This assumes the launchpad meter / skin is initially hidden / unloaded, if course. The values of the mouse actions needed to launch whatever apps or settings in your launchpad meter / skin would need to replicate what the similar actions from the software you're trying to mimic do.
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