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mon0meters - Skins for 5 inch Sensor Panel

Skins that monitor system information
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mon0meters - Skins for 5 inch Sensor Panel

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First attempt at writing my own Rainmeter skins, was basically trying to copy NZXT CAM

Intended to be used with a dedicated 1280x720 5in. sensor panel

This was written before the HWInfo change, so it depends on HWInfo 6.42. I found the posts about HWInfo 7 requiring the new "gadget" fix, but I haven't been able to dedicate some time to learning that yet. I barely understand how to write skins as it is

Also 2 things appear to be broken with these skins, CPU won't show the clock speed, and GPU won't show the fan speed. Not sure why, open to feedback. If you wanna fork it and make it better, go for it.