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Modernizer - Gadgets Patch 7.4.0

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Modernizer - Gadgets Patch 7.4.0

Post by SilverAzide »


Gadgets theming utility inspired by raiguard's ModernGadgets suite.

The Gadgets Modernizer Patch will replace the styling of the Gadgets suite with a theme that more closely matches that of raiguard's ModernGadgets suite. You may find the ModernGadgets theme is easier to read, especially at small font sizes. The graphics have an appearance that may blend in better with newer versions of Windows, particularly when partially transparent backgrounds are used.

Modernizing your Gadgets will change the primary font and background style for all skins. Graphics will be changed to have a flatter appearance and weather icons will be replaced with ones having a more modern style. Your custom colors and selected Gadget options will not be changed. You can restore the original Gadgets appearance at any time.



*** NOTE: ***
The installer is in the form of a patch, which will patch your existing Gadgets installation without affecting your current configuration or layouts. Gadgets v7.4.0 or later must be installed for this patch to function properly.

ModernGadgets skins are on the left, modernized Gadget skins are on the right. Colors are at their default values.



Version History
7.4.0 - 2022-09-23:
  • Initial release.

  • Gadgets by SilverAzide.
  • "IBM Plex Sans" font from Google Fonts, under the Apache 2.0 License.
  • Resources from ModernGadgets by raiguard, with minor modifications by me.
  • Weather icons from ASTRO Weather by xenium-ART, with minor modifications by me.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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Re: Modernizer - Gadgets Patch 7.4.0

Post by emp00 »

Thanks @SilverAzide for this patch and the recent Gadgets 7.5.0 update. FYI, I can confirm that the Modernizer patch also works with 7.5.0.

Furthermore I have invested some time and made additional visual improvements which I personally perceive as a big relaxation to my eyes without losing the essential information. Here's a before vs. after comparison pic:


I have saved the procedure of modifications in order to be able to re-apply them for future Gadgets updates. In case anybody is interested here's this HOWTO. Please be reminded that my modifications are only valid for the CPU, Drives and Network meters. I do not use any other meters of the Gadgets suite, that's why I have not modified those. In case you use other meters of SilverAzide's suite you need to change them by yourself - once you've done the step-by-step guide below -> you know how this works. Hint: I have used Notepad++ for all modifications. All "search/replace" actions can be done with 1-click as "replace all" and please enter only the text between the "" markings. Be very careful with the search/replace text actions, always double-check the exact text...

Disclaimer: No 100% guarantee this works for you, please use at your own risk :twisted:

@SilverAzide: Maybe you could integrate this procedure in the Modernizer script? Maybe as an optional modification? It's up to you, I personally like these revisions much better. As a human being I find it extremely important to reduce the number of digits displayed (I mean, who can digest 5 or 6 digits for multiple meters? I really cannot, this is overkill for me :-)) and also the colors are now much less stressful. Give it a try and maybe you like it as well. If not, no problem, just my personal modification for the time being. By the way, many thanks for integrating the Top 5 process display into the CPU meter - this is excellent, now I don't need the additional meter any more and I'm 100% happy with your CPU, Drives and Network meters. Great stuff!

HOWTO make the "my creation" modifications

Step 0
-- IMPORTANT: First create a complete backup of your Gadgets skin folder, just in case anything goes wrong (!)
-- This guide was tested and is valid for the Gadgets 7.5.0 suite patched with the Modernizer patch (do this first!)

Step 1 - Remove "Meter" text from the relevant meter titles and reduce number of digits displayed
1.1 Open file: Gadgets\All CPU Meter\
. 1.1a: search/replace "CPU Meter" with "CPU"
. 1.1b: search/replace "NumOfDecimals=1" with "NumOfDecimals=0" → this gives XXMB/X% instead of XX.YMB/X.Y%
. 1.1c: search/replace "],4,'1k'" with "],2,'1k'" → this reduces digits for Used/Free RAM etc numbers to 2
1.2 Open file: Gadgets\Top Process Meter\CPU\Top CPU Meter.ini
. 1.2a: search/replace "Top CPU Meter" with "Top Processes"
1.3 Open file Gadgets\Network Meter\Network Meter.ini
. 1.3a: search/replace "Network Meter" with "Network"
. 1.3b: search/replace "],6,'1k'" with "],3,'1k'" → this reduces digits for in/out numbers under Current/Total to 3
. 1.3c: search/replace "],4,'1k'" with "],3,'1k'" → this reduces digits for net in/out Mbit/s numbers to 3
1.4. Open file: Gadgets\Drives Meter\
. 1.4a: search/replace "Drives Meter" with "Drives"

Step 2 - Drive Meter: Remove the colors from the Used/Total/Free-Text in, this guide until 2.8 is by SilverAzide (see this thread):
SilverAzide 2022-10-16: Sure... You'll need to use Notepad++ for this, to save yourself a lot of effort.
The screenshot I posted used the "title color" for the read/write stats (which I just left at white), and I changed the "text color" from light blue to off-white. I will assume that you want the read/write stats to be some different value that isn't either of those, so these instructions will use "drive 26 color", which I assume will never be used in your setup.
2.1. Open the file with Notepad++. (This file is in the Drives Meter folder)
2.2. Press <Ctrl-H> to open the Replace dialog.
2.3. Enter the following text in the File textbox: FontColor=\[#.*\]
2.4. Enter the following text in the Replace textbox: FontColor=#PaletteColor26#
2.5. Uncheck the "Wrap around" option. Make sure the Search Mode is set to "Regular expression".
2.6. Here is the tricky bit: When replacing, do NOT replace the text on the [DriveLabelN] measures. So, press the Find Next button. This will jump to the first text match, which is the one you DON'T want to replace. There will be a pattern you can follow for each of the 26 drive sections in the code: "next, replace, replace, replace"... "next, replace, replace, replace"... etc. Do this until you get to the end.
2.7. Save the file and refresh the skin.
2.8. Open the Settings and change the "title color", "text color" and "drive 26 color" to whatever you like.

-- The following steps are my additional modifications:
-- They completely remove the «Used»+»Free» lines (those are all separate meters) and shifts the rest -10 pixels up
-- Total drive section height now 40 instead of 50px, therefore below modifications replacing *50 with *40 etcpp.

2.9. Open File → Gadgets\Drives Meter\
. 2.9a: 26x Comment out ";" the meters [DriveUsed"A-Z"] and [DriveFree"A-Z"] ==> start with [DriveUsedA] [DriveFreeA] ...
. → Tipp: I recorded a Notepad++ macro with Hotkey CTRL-SHIFT-A cursor before [DriveUsedA] and repeated this 26x
. 2.9b: search/replace: "Y=(50 + Max([CalcDiskNumber" with "Y=(40 + Max([CalcDiskNumber"
. 2.9c: search/replace: "Y=(60 + Max([CalcDiskNumber" with "Y=(50 + Max([CalcDiskNumber"
. 2.9d: search/replace: "Y=(62 + Max([CalcDiskNumber" with "Y=(52 + Max([CalcDiskNumber"
. 2.9e: search/replace: ") * 50)" with ") * 40)"
2.10. Open file → Gadgets\Drives Meter\
. 2.10a: search/replace: "Y=(53 + Max([CalcDiskNumber" with "Y=(43 + Max([CalcDiskNumber"
. 2.10b: search/replace: ") * 50)" with ") * 40)"
2.11. Open file → Gadgets\Drives Meter\Drives Meter.ini
. 2.11a: search/replace: "* 50" with "* 40"
. 2.11b: search/replace: ":],5,'1k')" with "* :],3,'1k')" → this reduces the «Total» display numbers to 3 digits
. 2.11c: search/replace: "],4,'1k'" with "],2,'1k'" → this reduces the «kB/s» numbers to 2 digits

DONE! Reload your skins and keep your fingers crossed -> enjoy!