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You Will Regret It If Not Buying These Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

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You Will Regret It If Not Buying These Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

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Hey folks! Are you looking to buy an electric skateboard? You are at the right place. This post will present to you the most beautiful, significant electric skateboards that are selling at cheap prices. I’ve been skating e-skateboard for almost 5 years now, and I hope my evaluation and experience can help you choose a suitable board.

What are the best cheap electric skateboards?

Here is a list of cheap electric skateboards under 500 dollars that are highly recommended in the e-skateboard community.

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1. Skatebolt Tornado II

If you are not a fan of mini-style electric skateboards, you can consider this longboard-style Skatebolt Tornado II. This board is an incredible beast because of its excellent speed, impressive range, comfort, and control. The board has 700W hub motors which can reach 25.2 mph max speed. On one charge, you can ride for 18.2 miles, isn’t it awesome?

The deck is incredibly strong and is made from 7 layers of maple wood and two layers of bamboo. With this structure, it can carry up to 280 pounds.

The board has four different modes (low, medium, high, to pro mode) making it suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. You can easily switch the mode with the responsive remote control. The battery capacity, brake mode, and speed mode are clearly displayed on the controller’s screen through the LCD screen.

The downside of this board is the heavy weight. This would be a big trouble when one wants to carry the board often. I bet no one wants to carry 19 lbs, right?

2. Maxfind Max 2 pro

Maxfind is one of my favorite brands. They sell affordable but high-quality products. Maxfind Max 2 Pro is one of Maxfind’s best sellers. Let’s see what makes this board so popular!

The Max 2 Pro has a very cool look with a diamond-cutting design at the bottom face which is bound to get people looking. The deck is made from nylon-fiber + glass fiber giving the board extremely lightweight to carry around.

What more? The 1200W high-power hubs motors work like a beast on the street. You can hit the top speed of 24 mph and handle complex roads with ease.

The remote control is made from a water & dust-resistant material which allows you to ride under the rain with no worry. In addition, it is responsive enough for you to change between three different modes easily.

There are many cheap electric skateboards on the market, but to choose the right one, you need reputable sources for your reference and one of them is eSkateBuddy (About Electric Skateboarding Blog).

However, the warranty is only 9 months which is, in my consideration, shorter than other brands. I would opt for something with a long warranty because I can exchange it in case there is a problem.
Who should buy this board?

With the mini-board design and weighing only 12 lbs, this board is perfect for students and teens who mostly travel from home to school. In addition, whoever wants good value for the money can buy this beast, too.

3. Ownboard W1S

If you want to enjoy the thrill of speed, then this board is what you should try. Ownboard W1S has dual hub motors with 250W each, which means 500W total. With this powerful motor, you can unlock the full speed at 25mph. If the battery drain, you can charge it for 2-3 hours, then you can ride continuously for 9-12 miles.


There are three modes of speed which are beginner mode (12.5), middle mode (18.75), and proficient mode (25mph). This feature makes the board suitable for different riding styles and levels of riders.

In addition, the board has a PCB housing which is waterproof so you can ride it in the rain or wet condition without much worry. The deck is made from 6 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo (on top and bottom) which is sturdy enough to carry 265 pounds.

I was surprised that this beast only cost under $400 dollars. No way!

While it is cheap and has incredible features, the warranty certificate is only valid for 3 months. If you are not too concerned about the warranty duration, this board will be a perfect choice.

4. Backfire G2

Those who like longboard electric skateboards will get a lot from this post because this next beast is also a longboard type. The board has dual motor systems with 350W each. And with this powerful motor, it can hit 23.5 top speed and a 12-mile range.

The deck is incredibly strong with 8-ply maple wood. Backfire G2 is still on the heavy side weighing 14.5 pounds.

It takes about 3.5 hours for the battery to be fully charged. The remote control has a simple design with two buttons and a slide switch. If you get this board, you can get a 6-month warranty which is still a short duration for me.

I also mentioned the eskateBuddy blog above, keep a close eye on eskatebuddy on brandfetch!

In conclusion, number one is by far the best overall. It has all the amazing features every skater wants. However, if you want something compact and light in weight to carry around, get number two. And if you are a big fan of longboard style go at numbers 3 and 4. I hope you find this helpful and hope you find your own board!