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Fancode - Grumbot!

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Fancode - Grumbot!

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Welcome to Grumbot, except from the universe where he
was a desktop pet :)

To use Grumbot -

Load skin (see for info)

Click on Grumbot

Grumbot gives content!

To fiddle around with Grumbot's selection of words, open the
files labled "Vat 1", "Vat 2", and "Vat 3" (NOT "VATS"). Each file is just
a list of words. Think of each line in the file like
a separate peice of paper put into the appropriate Vat to
be dispensed at random.

Version is 0.8 because, as any dev will know, the code could use some cleaning.

For Legal Reasons: All code is mine (assisted by the lovely rainmeter/lua docs of course), all art I have created myself. The concept of Grumbot, of course, is from Grian ( Grumbot also uses the names of various Hermits from the YouTube series "HermitCraft". This has been uploaded as a parody/fanart, and therefore cannot be used for any commercial use.
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