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FanControl Plugin?

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FanControl Plugin?

Post by Ditto »

Hey I'm really new to the forums but after a quick browse I've already seen suggestions for SpeedFan and HWiNFO.
The Fan suite I run however is FanControl which I've come to like. I haven't been able to see a plugin for it so I was wondering what it'd be like writing one? I'm completely new to coding (started software engineering course this year) but it sounds like a fun little project to learn. I don't know exactly the permissions with creating and publishing the plugins either so I don't plan on sharing it unless stated otherwise.

I've had a quick look into speedfanplugin.dll but that was too advanced for me (or I just opened decompiled it incorrectly). I was going to try and play around with the code in there so that it recognised Fan Control rather than Speed Fan, but it seems like that's too advanced for me lol.

I was interested on peoples' thoughts on the matter, so I thought I'd post here
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Re: FanControl Plugin?

Post by svenwlive »

Honestly i would love to have a plugin that connects with FanControl, as right now i need to use the taskbar icons for showing the temps of my components. Usually what happens is that if i restart my pc or put it to sleep, the icons just change places (which i dont like) and also it would just be nice to have everything on my desktop and not taking up my precious taskbar space.
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Re: FanControl Plugin?

Post by Yincognito »

Well, if something doesn't exist yet, create it yourself. That's the hard way, of course. The easy way would be if that application had the ability to log such data to a file of some sort, which can then be read by Rainmeter, assuming it's intelligible (i.e. a text like file).
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