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Zelda: Link to the Past Menu as Desktop Layout

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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Zelda: Link to the Past Menu as Desktop Layout

Post by tfo »

Something I've been tinkering with for almost a year now... It sill has its kinks, but here it is! My rendition of a LttP-style desktop menu!

You can hover over any of the icons and it will launch the program specified in the .ini file, as well as display its name in the top-right, just like LttP.
The other boxes display the time and date, and storage capacity. I haven't found a particular use for the bottom-right box, so a pixelated gif of Link and Marin hang out there for now.

This is my first skin / layout I thought was worth posting. What do you guys think? What should I add/change?
I've linked all the files needed to recreate this.
Thanks for checking it out!
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Re: Zelda: Link to the Past Menu as Desktop Layout

Post by Alex88 »

To get the skin working on other systems, it looks like the biggest things are getting the font and sound working. You most likely have the Zelda font ZeldaDXTTBRK.ttf already installed on to your system, so it works there, but for it to work for anyone, you'll need to move it to a new folder within the @Resources folder called Fonts (Fonts Guide). Move the ZeldaDXTTBRK.ttf file into there, and then change every reference to the font in the skins to point to that, so each FontFace=Zelda DX TT BRK should be replaced with FontFace="#@#Fonts\ZeldaDXTTBRK.ttf", can use find and replace to make that quick. With the font working now, I see "Wednesday" is a bit too wide for the current box, so can change the font size to something a bit smaller, looks like 24 works fine. Also it's best to not have white spaces in measure or meter names, so for example the meter [display text] should be [displaytext], [MeterDisplayText], or however you want to do so.

For the individual launcher skins and the Clock.ini OnRefreshAction, the reference to the sound file is pointing to your local sound location "C:\Users\tfo\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\LttpMenu\@Resources\Sounds\key 1.wav", but for it to work it needs to point to "#@#Sounds\key 1.wav" (it looks like "key 1.wav" is missing for the Clock reference, need to add that in the Sounds folder). The reference to open certain files will about always be per user, so for ex. ["C:\GAMING\Steam\Steam.exe"] will need to be changed per user regardless. You could set it to one in a list of variables in a new file like "#@#Variables.ini" using @include, so that you can easily change what is opened (Include Guide).

Lastly for now, a tip on moving a group of many smaller skins, you can use drag groups (Arranging Skins near the bottom), so you would hold CTRL and ALT, click each skin you want to move as a group, then you can drag the whole group. You can also use it on individual skins and user the arrow keys or CTRL + arrow keys to fine tune the launcher skin positions to the background. Click to animate:
There's a lot of smaller things that can be done (@includes from above, using meter styles to simplify the meters, consolidating all the launcher skins into one, etc.). I see now that you do use and @include2=#@#Language\ in the Clock.ini skin, but I don't see them as files, so you'll need to check on that. If you have more questions post them here.
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