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It's Just The Wind

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It's Just The Wind

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"It's Just The Wind" is the most common phrase (quote) used when the wind speed is between 25 and 31 miles per hour and the tree's branches brushing against the window of the home, not to mention the window making whistling sounds. So I present to you, "It's Just The Wind" Rainmeter skin. "It's Just The Wind" will display a seasonal quote along with the wind speed and wind direction (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter). In the Wind Settings all 13 quotes for each season are changeable (22-25 words fit best). The color for each quote, the default color, and the font effect color are changeable (the default gradient color white doesn't have a setting). The font is changeable and the font size 1 & 2 can be increased or decreased. The tooltips and the background can be turned on or off. The location can be set to your location using the "Location Search Feature." The wind speed update rate and the temperature unit ( even though "It's Just The Wind" doesn't display the temperature) can be selected and entered in the Wind Settings.

NEW: The wind quote is now mouse wheel scroll re-sizeable. I didn't get around to making the wind calm feature or the city location with the ability to re-size in this version, perhaps I will in the next version. Please Note: It's kinda awkward scrolling the text with the mouse wheel to re-size the quote. I should have a fix for it in the next version.


Minimum Rainmeter Version (64-bit) 01-29-2021 Win7 and Up.

Skin Installer Size: 2.57 MB.

English Only.

Every Rainmeter skin/suite I make is free from unwanted content.



CHANGES: It's Just The Wind v2.05.07.2022 Re-Sizeable - (IJTW v2.05.07.22) Size: 2.57 MB. -

03-19-2022 - Added gradient colors. (Gradient Color 2 -White- has no setting, gradient color 1 -Green- is the default color.)

03-30-2022 - Fixed wind settings font oversize issue.

04-04-2022 - Added Wind v2 incorporated document so the user can mouse scroll the wind quote font size.

04-18-2022 - All Seasonal Wind Quotes are now re-sizable with a the mouse wheel scroll action.

05-07-2022 - Fixed Weather Alerts.
It's Just The Wind_2.05.07.2022_T-8.rmskin

CREDITS: (Rainmeter Weather Skins)

JSMorely - For (,,, WeatherComCodes.ini, and RainRGB.exe
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