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PopupDock v3.1

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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PopupDock v3.1

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Hi again

I have a mouse with extra buttons.
I created a hotkey and this hotkey when you press the button shows or hides that skin.
Very useful for me


[*]v3.1 => When the second drops below 10, you only see the remaining seconds on the screen(very big). Just click seconds to stop the counter.

PS: The video also starts from 30 seconds and there is animation. unfortunately it is out of date as I recorded it under construction.

  • I used hotkey to "SHIFT CTRL ALT G" for show the skin.
    If you want to change, you should change the Hotkey line from the MeaShow section in skin file
    KeyUpAction=[!Delay 10][!ToggleMeterGroup BtnP][!Move ([MeaMX]-154) ([MeaMY]-150)][[!Update *][!Redraw]
  • I added Hotkey to "Start/Stop" for timer
    "ALT CTRL NUM0" key to start timer.
    "ALT CTRL ENTER" key to stop timer.
  • I am using Samsung brand TV on my computer.
    The TV is connected to my home network.The IP address is
    I can turn off the TV with the "POWER" button on skin
    In the same way, I can change the source with the "HDMI" button.
  • Popup apps/app icons: You have to change manually.
  • PopupDock has a timer. I use for pc shutdown or hibernate. If you do mouse scroll up on "ZZZ icon" hibernate activated. Otherwise shutdown activated.
    You can do change to timer with mouse scroll or mouse click. Left click +, Right click -.
    Play button activates countdown. Stop button stops countdown. X button resets timer...
  • When you install you should change to skin position to "stay topmost"
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I don't know where i going from here, but i promise it won't be boring... :great: