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Monterey Rainmeter 1.0

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Re: Monterey Rainmeter 1.0

Post by yiux_o »

Hey just a quick question,

I want to make the background to the clock widget completely transparent without making the letters disappear or the numbers disappear and was wondering if there is anyway to do that?
Please help me out, thank you.
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Re: Monterey Rainmeter 1.0

Post by narinorela »

Hi, first thank you so much for the amazing work.

the blur effect isn't working unfortunately. i'm on windows 11 and when i choose blur in the edit widget tab it just stays black.

Any tips on this?
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Re: Monterey Rainmeter 1.0

Post by sasik007 »

What is the latest version? Is Polish language available?
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Re: Monterey Rainmeter 1.0

Post by eclectic-tech »

sasik007 wrote: January 7th, 2024, 9:23 pm What is the latest version? Is Polish language available?
Not sure about the latest version number; the first post is V1.0
but for weather issues there is V1.01 from this post:

As for a Polish variation you could look at this post:
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Re: Monterey Rainmeter 1.0

Post by Shaked »

Hi, I'm very happy with it and thank you. But I have a small problem that the HUD where all widgets are selected I dragged it below the taskbar but you changed the settings that my taskbar doesn't always come up and you have to move the mouse for that. Long story short I put it there and I can't get it out again, I tried restarting the computer and it didn't work, I deleted and reinstalled it and it didn't work.
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Re: Monterey Rainmeter 1.0

Post by Darkulo00 »

Hello, could you add also the Italian language? I will leave there the inc to let you add that, thank you
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Re: Monterey Rainmeter 1.0

Post by ravv3 »

I am using Monterey 1.0.2 and I have a slight issue at present.

My laptop that I used to use primarily (before I just built my desktop pc) has a fully workable Monterey - in particular the music widget in this case.

With the desktop pc however (which i now use primarily), the music widget when set to 'default' does not display YouTube music playing in text or display the album art; and the player's play & skip back and forward buttons do not work on the desktop.
However if I go to the lock screen - the full information of what is playing on YouTube works, and I can at least play and pause.

Also, if I set the player to 'Spotify' on the desktop pc and play something in Spotify - the playing information and album art works on the desktop as well as the lock screen.

I have tried copying the laptop files over the top of the original desktop pc files but that hasn't made any difference.

I would re-install the whole Monterey skin, but don't to lose all the customized settings I've made with all the widgets - and probably would find it an issue to find settings to actually backup - would definitely need to backup the weather widget anyway due to the api.

Any ideas if I should just backup and totally re-install the skin?

UPDATE: Got it working. I just re-installed the rmskin file over the top of the existing installation, and luckily all my config changes stayed the same.