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variables question

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variables question

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hope i can explain this clearly here goes

i have two variables in my skin, one in my .ini that changes with actions, and one in Variables.Inc that users can change.
the variable in the .Inc file is "WidthNormal=170" and the one in the .ini changes but on skin refresh/start needs to be (#WidthNormal#-14) so its written like this "SWD=(#WidthNormal#-14)". Now, if i move the variable from the .Inc file into the .ini, all is well and my meter(Text) that relies on these variables starts off 14 pixels shorter than widthnormal which is what i want, but, if i keep the variable in the .Inc file, my meter starts up "stringclipped" even though the text in the meter doesnt exeed the width im allowing it(WidthNormal-14).
i was just wondering why it makes a difference where i put my variable, is it because the .ini is read i microsecond before the .Inc file and the calculation(#WidthNormal#-14) hasnt had time to work?, or is it just that its not good practice having a variable being a calculation of another variable? or do i have some problem?

thanks in advance for any replies.

i got around it with "OnRefreshAction=!RainmeterSetVariable SWD (#WidthNormal#-14)" in the rainmeter section. Thanks anyway :)