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I Made THIS v2.02.28.2022

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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I Made THIS v2.02.28.2022

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THIS v2 02-28-2022_Thinkr8
Size: 45.6 MB

Changes: I reduced the size of THIS version and it still won't upload to this forum.

02-28-2022 - Updated "All Settings from version to version" and downloading THIS v2 should be available here:

02-27-2022 - Removed the old weather coordinates settings. Close & Open all meters removed and load layout is the replacement. Removed Image Viewer Images, removed THIS v2 feature screenshot images, removed obsolete RSS images, replaced the weather alert images (reduced THIS v2 folder size by 15 MBs). Made cosmetic changes to the bottom panel
(Notes:). Added Windows Special Folders (its been reported that MS will eventually make the Windows Control Panel and its applets obsolete) to the top panels.

02-26-2022 - Disabled the Aniloops, reduced resource usage by 15%. (they were for cosmetic purposes, not needed.)

02-25-2022 - Realigned the Top two Panels (Six Core & Eight Core) and the Left & Right Panels.

02.24.2022 - Expanded Meter Labels in the file. (MeterLabels 1-5 all left, 6-9 all center, and 10-13 all right.)


I'd like to share my latest build (suite) it took me 2 months to create. Even after all that time I spent on it, I'm sure I have some DynamicVariables=1 misplacements and probably some UpdateDivider=1 misplacements as well.

I wrote everything about it and put it on my website/blog and made a video.


I'd like to give the @RMTeam a shout-out for their outstanding support and ongoing development of the Rainmeter program.
You guys are extraordinary for the times we live in. Without Rainmeter I wouldn't be able to do what I do. I hope and wish the best of all things for ya.

I hope I didn't break any forum rules here. Thank you.

I plan on making a version two that has no deadline and I'll be back here when I start it because I want the center panels to slide. My research into sliders tells me I will need the help. Thanks.
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