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Virtual Desktop Controls

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Virtual Desktop Controls

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Virtual Desktop 11
Virtual Desktop 11_1.2022.02.02.rmskin

Thanks to the work to create a Rainmeter VirtualDesktop Plugin by Adam Gates, skin with more options can be created to interact with virtual desktops for Windows 10 & 11.

Virtual Desktop 11 is my collection of desktop control skins with different button styles
They use Shape meters or Icon fonts as desktop indicators that fits nicely near or over taskbar area
Quickly navigate and control virtual desktops using your mouse
Optionally, you can create Rainmeter Layouts to show unique skins and/or wallpapers on each virtual desktop *

Control up to 12 desktops (more meters can be added)
Resize for any resolution
Scroll Up/Down or Left click to select desktop
Middle click any desktop indicator for 'Desktops OverView' * *
Middle click background for 'All Tasks' view * *
Create new shapes or select other Icon Fonts as desktop indicators

Context Menu:
Add/Del desktops
Desktop Overview
All Tasks View
Optional desktop name display
Optional tooltips
Optional colorable shaded background
Character Map (Fonts)
Edit Variables
More actions >>

* Creating Separate Virtual Desktop Rainmeter Layouts
Using saved Rainmeter Layouts with wallpapers may cause issues; consider saving with 'no wallpaper' and 'Exclude unloaded skins'.
Desktops must be named numerically as Desktop1, Desktop2, etc.
You have to include the 'layout' style skin from this package in each layout.
DO NOT have the Manage dialog open while creating a new layout
DO NOT click the 'layout' style skin from this package.
Arrange all desired skins, then open Manage and save the layout with the desired desktop name; e.g. 'Desktop1', 'Desktop2'.

* * AutoHotKey Scripts
Compiled scripts and the code are included in '@Resources\Actions' folder
You should not need to install AHK (link is below if needed)

Comments welcomed :welcome:

VirtualDesktop Plugin by Adam Gates
FontAwesome 5
Segoe MDL Assets Icons by Microsoft
WebDings Font by Microsoft
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