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New Drives Browser Concept: Inception Drives

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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New Drives Browser Concept: Inception Drives

Post by CodeCode »

Hello. This is actually a new concept of Titan Drives

Seeing that it was sort of a Titanic, and just could not have every bug fixed.

death.crafter reinvented Titan Drives, and in turn, I modified the UI to be more like something that was much less likely to sink with the help of a skilled lua scripter, and a DriveInfo Plugin .

So I named it "Inception Drives_A Dream In A Dream"
Inception Drives_Dream In A Dream.rmskin
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Re: New Drives Browser Concept: Inception Drives

Post by death.crafter »

The skin name lmao...

Nice work tho. I will be looking into the port thing.
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