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Google calender Privacy setting (anti-virus)

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Google calender Privacy setting (anti-virus)

Post by vapn.sub »

Hi All,

I am have some problem using enigma gcal reader or any other google calender reader. I am not sure whether this is right platform but giving it a try.

I am using Bit defender antivirus software and set up privacy setting for my name & email address etc. Because of that I am having problem using Gcal Reader in enigma or other google calender reader (because google calender link contains my name, it does not allow it to communicate). I had set up exception rule for but still it does not work.

I will appreciate if anyone is able to help me here.

Many thanks,
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Re: Google calender Privacy setting (anti-virus)

Post by dragonmage »

I'm not sure how Bit Defender works, but maybe you need an exclusion for Rainmeter.