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T-8 Network & Questions

Skins that monitor system information
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T-8 Network & Questions

Post by Thinkr8 »

When the Devs changed how SysInfo is handled I came to the conclusion it's more work for skin creators to do and I'm still not sure if I'm following the guidelines correctly so I created this skin so I could get some input from the experts. (please bare with me, I found creating skins the way I do easier).

Here's an example of the Network skin I made:
Image 011.png
With this skin, I added the option to input the Maximum (spelled wrong in the skin) Download & Upload Values the user gets from
As for the Mbits values do we really have to convert those values to bits and enter that value in the section,
"MaxValue=(#MaxDownloadMbits# * 115310000)"?

Wouldn't this be considered a lot more to do especially for us that are learning Rainmeter and are slightly code challenged?
(No argument here if it is what it is), Thank you.
T-8 Network_1.rmskin
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Re: T-8 Network & Questions

Post by jsmorley »

Perhaps this page will be of some help:

If you need more explanation, please let us know.