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Launch Pro 2.0

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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Launch Pro 2.0

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Hey there.

I made a launcher, that is sort an all in one type launcher. Light weight interface, with some sample images included. There are a number of links sort of 'already there' for examples to go by for your own.
The buttons can be toggled on or off for a less 'active' appearance. Just l-click your computer name for the lower buttons, or r-click it for the top buttons to be toggled.

Fully customisable to show what you want for each program or game. Textual display. Scroll for the current config you are sitting on. Text will show what you ant it to say for each program of for 3 different parts for the text to say what you tell it to.

Hope someone finds this cool, or fun, or both. :great:
Launch Pro_2.0.rmskin
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