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Skins don't appear when config activated.

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Skins don't appear when config activated.

Post by AbsoluteZero »

Hi! I'm new with Rainmeter, so please bear (bare?) with me.

With certain skins, when I activate the .ini, the skin doesn't appear. Rainmeter says it's active. Is it offscreen, or is there a problem? I'm running windows Vista, with a dual-screen monitor.


Edit: Sorry. Disregard that. The skins are white, and where showing up on a white part of my wallpaper.
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Re: Skins don't appear when config activated.

Post by Alex2539 »

I'm glad that solved itself for you. It's always good when your problems just vanish, isn't it?

For future reference, if you have never opened up a skin, it will always show up for the first time in the top-left corner of your screen. If you still can't find it, you can open up RainBrowser and check the skin's settings to find its exact position. Then, if it's really not there... well then there's a problem with the skin.

Also, you got it right. It's "bear" ;).