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Who Da Man!?!?

Introduce yourself to the Rainmeter community!
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Who Da Man!?!?

Post by DarthHomer »

I'm never saying that again.
Okay, My attempt @ Doctor Who Humor. Anyway, my name is Christopher & I'm from Maryland.
I figure I'd swing by here before trying Samaurize as I'm an old Dog & in attempt to learn
new tricks, i thought I'd start with tricks i feel a little more comfortable with. I've always done
casual changes to my desktop I like the look and feel of a personal "Command Center' as
opposed to my basic visual tweeks. Looking forward to trying to figure most of this out
out on my own followed by the "SEARCH" button, then Bing/Google before pestering any
of you GuuRuuz here. if there is anything i have figured out, i'll try to help out when
i feel confident that i can takesome to the right direction.
That's more than enough for an introduction, but thats probably just a reaction from
my meds. they GIVE me ADHD. Looking forward to getting to know you all as well.

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Re: Who Da Man!?!?

Post by dragonmage »

:welcome: We have a handy link at the top of the default board style, next to Search. The Google link there takes you to a custom google search that searches the forums and the main site.