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Rainmeterbase site no longer allowed

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Rainmeterbase site no longer allowed

Post by jsmorley »

I have made the decision that the user Rainmeterbase, who had posted dozens of links to skins on their site, will no longer be allowed to post on these forums.

I'm not going to get into a protracted debate about this, and in my view not much more needs to be said, but the long and the short of it is:
  • The user has a website where they aggregate Rainmeter skins that they collect from around the web.
  • They are not giving proper credit to the original author of skins posted on the site. Never a link to the original work.
  • They are not distributing the original author's .rmskin, but modifying it.
  • They are changing the [Metadata] in the original skin by deleting any Creative Commons license and adding information about their site.
    Note that this alone is in violation of the Creative Commons license agreement.
  • They are distributing skins in a .zip file that contains an .rmskin of the skin plus shortcut link back to their site.
  • They provide no "support" for the skins posted, answer no questions, not here nor on their site.
  • They are not responsive to requests to remove skins created by others from their site.
I don't mean to disparage the intent of this person. It is entirely possible that the best intentions are involved. However, the result is just not acceptable behavior in the Rainmeter Community, represented by these forums.

This user has been banned from the forums, all posts have been deleted, and no links to the site in question will be allowed on the forums.
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Re: Rainmeterbase site no longer allowed

Post by JelleDekkers »

Thank you Jeffrey.