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Minimized explorer windows

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Minimized explorer windows

Post by boushh »

I am relatively new to Rainmeter, I am quite enjoying playing with all the settings ect.

My Problem...

I want to be able to use Rainmeter and Rocket dock on their own without having the windows taskbar.

My problem with that is that Rocket dock will only display minimized programs and not minimized explorer folders.
If I minimize a few folders they disapear to the windows taskbar, so it is annoying if I am trying to get rid of the taskbar altogether.

Has anybody else come across this and is there a solution or Rainmeter app that can fix this?

Also is there an app that can display system tray icons.

Thanks guys any help or advice is much appreciated.

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Re: Minimized explorer windows

Post by dragonmage »

No, Rainmeter does not handle task buttons or the systray in any way, and probably never will. There are other applications that do those things, shell replacements and such.