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Clipboard+ Hover

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Clipboard+ Hover

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Clipboard+ Hover

I am always using a clipboard but they are always in the way of something if sitting on your desktop.
So i created "Clipboard+ Hover". It is a hot-spot dock so with a mouse\over it instantly opens "Clipboard+".

The hot-spot in mostly invisible except for a small colored location bar. You can change the color, alpha or size
of the bar to suite your needs.

Once you mouse\over the hot-spot dock and it opens Clipboard+ your ready to copy from clipboard+.
I have added a mouse\leave function to Clipboard+ so once you have copied your text and leave the clipboard
it closes freeing up your desktop.

Clipboard+ is all credited to Eclectic-Tech || Plugin by Evgenii Vilkov (

PS: as a extra plus you can modify the hot-spot dock to launch anything with just a mouse\over.

Hope somebody can use this - Thanks Rider45
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