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CPU temperature

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CPU temperature

Post by Gyro »

Hi, I'm new. I couldn't find an answer to this.
How do I make Rainmeter display the CPU temperature?
I'm using the Illustro skin.
I've tried editing the Illustro skin and created a cputemp.ini (What are those .inis called within a skin, BTW? modules? variants?) but it looks crap.
Thank you!
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Re: CPU temperature

Post by SilverAzide »

Rainmeter doesn't have a built-in function to show the CPU temperature, as this information is not available to Windows. It requires a third-party plugin. Your best bet is to find a skin that shows the info you want and modify it as you like, or copy the same techniques the skin author used into your own skin.
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Re: CPU temperature

Post by jsmorley »

Probably the simplest to use is CoreTemp, which is documented here:

It does require that the CoreTemp application be running, but is pretty easy to set up.

If you need much more than the CPU temperature, if you want other sensor-based information, then you are probably going to want to look at HWiNFO, which is documented here:

HWiNFO is a tad more complicated to set up in your skin, but is vastly more powerful than CoreTemp as far as the number of things it measures.

It shouldn't be terribly hard to integrate this data into the Illustro suite.