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Enigma 4 w/Updated Weather

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Enigma 4 w/Updated Weather

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Enigma Suite
by Michael Engard (Kaelri)
Download Page

Click the green 'Code' button and download the zip.

The Enigma Suite has been updated to use JSMorley's JSON weather files. If there are changes in the future, all you should need to do is copy the updated JSON files or the skin by JSMorley's, and paste the updated files into 'Enigma\@Resources', and refresh.

You do not need to install a patch, the files on Github are the latest working release.

The release has an updated 'World' page in the Options skin which will find your Latitude/Longitude values (using WeatherCodeFinder below) by location and set them in your variables, or copy them to the clipboard. It also let's you set your TWC language and units (Fahrenheit: 'e', Celsius: 'm', or Hybrid (UK): 'h').

World Options Page
When you click on local or world locations, the WeatherCodeFinder skin activates to let you search by location: city, region, country, etc.. The skin is based on JSMorley's WeatherCodeFinder with adaptation to the Enigma style.

WeatherCodeFinder skin
JSMorley posted an excellent guide to updating Enigma HERE...
NOTE: You DO NOT need to do the last 2 step in that description of downloading and installing a patch.

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