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[Suggestion] Sub-Categories for "Share Your Creations"

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Re: [Suggestion] Sub-Categories for "Share Your Creations"

Post by Mordasius »

Having categorised the creations here is a viewer to browse them with. It only works for posts which have a recognizable image in the first post but that is well over half of them.

There are quite a few creations that were shared in 2011/12/13 that had images linked to the Deviant Art post. The images can't be seen on the Rainmeter forums anymore but the links are still there and these are shown in the viewer with the old DA logo. Clicking on the logo will take you to the DA post.

I suggest you don't move on to a new page until all the downloadable images have finished downloading as this can cause Rainmeter to freeze. This is why I limited the number of images to nine per page. If you have any problems you can reduce the value of ImagesToDisplay in

Note that the ShareCreations\DownloadFile folder will get filled up with downloaded images and undownloadable blanks so you might like to delete the files every so often.

Devs/Admin - if all this banging and scrapping is mucking up the forum pages you are most welcome to delete the rmskin as I had my fun in getting it done.
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Re: [Suggestion] Sub-Categories for "Share Your Creations"

Post by SilverAzide »

Holy crap this is cool! O.O
I vote that this skin be added to Illustro or at least be placed/promoted somewhere prominent so it is easily found by new users.
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Re: [Suggestion] Sub-Categories for "Share Your Creations"

Post by CyberTheWorm »

Love it, great job :17good
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