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Hello, Axeside here, need help form Research Questionnaire

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Hello, Axeside here, need help form Research Questionnaire

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My name is Alex, i'm from Indonesia, I'm using Rainmeter for 2 year.
Rainmeter is an application that I think is pretty cool, because it can be customized as needed.

My purpose in writing in this post is to ask for help from the Rainmeter community, I took a research topic on "Implementation of Widget Builder for Monitoring Computer Resources using Rainmeter".

The abstract:
Monitoring applications of computer resource usage such as RAM, CPU, and Network needs to be done so that users can take precautions not to use computer resources beyond the limit. Windows as an operating system already provide this monitoring application, one of which is the task manager.

The task manager has some issues such as taking long time to open, frequently not responding, and sometimes causing crashes.
An alternative to the task manager is Rainmeter, Rainmeter has several advantages, namely lightweight, and can be accessed by minimizing applications, and can be customized.

Unfortunately, Rainmeter has flaws, Rainmeter users need to code to create the desired skin or widget. The solution that I want to implement is a drag and drop application to help make Rainmeter skins

Next, I ask for help to fill out this questionnaire.

thank you
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