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Some things wont work :(

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Some things wont work :(

Post by Inv1s1ble »

Hey there, i´m pretty new to this, but got a lot of things working already. Although it´s not easy to setup, this application looks way better than the usual win7 sidebar!

I´ve got Win7 Ultimate, 32bit here. Intel Core 2 Duo E6750, Geforce GTX 260, 3GB RAM, some HDDs, an SSD and DSL 16Mbit.
I downloaded the newest beta version of rainmeter and the skin.

now i´ve got some problems:

1. the weather isn´t working. it´s just showing N/A. although i´ve entered the correct weather code in the ini file. (i´ve already allowed the rainmeter application to pass my firewall) i tried all weather skins in the got no luck so far.
2. CPU temperature isnt working. it shows me 0° without any change.
3. the network traffic skins are telling me some kind of unit, i dont understand ^^ i need it to be kb/s as in 1000kb = 1MB. how do i do this?
4. how do i display my graphicscard´s usage, temperature and fan-speed? like in the orbmu sidebar gadgets?

i hope someone here is able to help me, cause i really like this application :)
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Re: Some things wont work :(

Post by jsmorley »

HUD.Vision just won't work anymore without serious editing. He wrote it for a very old version of Rainmeter, and has not kept it up to date in a long time. The weather feed he is using just doesn't work anymore.

You might look here:

And scan around and see if a more recent suite of skins might fit the bill for you.
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Re: Some things wont work :(

Post by Chewtoy »

1. That weathercode is old and outdated. Get the latest and greatest fix made by the Sarge if you want the HUD.Vision style:

2. You're using win7. HUD.Vision is using a plugin that's meant for XP, so that won't work for you. Look in to SpeedFan.

3. What you unit? Displaying a "k"? That stands for kilo (==1000), and the speed is in bites. So it's 1000bits ~= 1kb. (1024b == 1kb). Just add "Postfix="b/s" to the section that displays the speed and it ought to be fine.

4. Look into SpeedFan here as well. Or CPU-Z and GPU-Z, I know jsmorley had some fin with the CPU-Z.
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