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Hardware Acceleration (sloweration?)

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Hardware Acceleration (sloweration?)

Post by deflore08 »

Hey there!
I didn't want to make this thread until to some time, but time has came suddenly.

So here we are, and i want to ask some questions about this feature. The 2 video below illustrates how it works in my case. For clarity i have to say - skin haven't general updates cycles, number at top it is counters for update cycles inside. Don't look at high idle cpu usage, it's all about debug-mode. As you will see on video, with turned on HA when i hover mouse in any skin's place, it will force all measures inside to be stopped for a time. The more i jerk my mouse, the more utilization and freezed measures i got. It doesn't happen without acceleration. Also, it is not this skin problem. Dependency is next: the more stuff, the more lags, even if hovering on other skin, others will do same things, but intensivity depends on meter's count, i guess.

No matter which GPU i use, integrated or discreet. Also i do not see dependency on drivers, with new and old it works the same. (obviously it must works same with any version). But for the justice i should say, CPU utilization with HA a little less. The other side of coin is up to 50% discreet gpu utilization.

Videos: HA turned OFF/ON.

Any ideas?
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Re: Hardware Acceleration (sloweration?)

Post by Alex88 »

I've been trying to think of what it could be but don't know anything for sure. You mentioned somewhere it was a 1050 ti, which is a few years old but I'm sure should still handle most modern usage, my RX 580 is also a few years old. Aside from the basics of hardware acceleration I don't know anything specific to here.