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critical density
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Hello to all... hope everyone is fine.

Sure glad I'm here. I remember a little of Rainmeter from long ago when I was running LiteStep.... long ago, way back... uh, let's see.... don't remember the year, however, I know I was running W95b. Wow, memories come flooding back from that time period... good memories... oh well.... guess I'll relive some of that here, and that will be cool.

.ini.waze, the latest Rainmeter is great, absolutely. I wish to thank the coders, who I'm sure have put in many hours and lots of effort to make Rainmeter what it is today Thank You.

Lemme git... got a lot o'readin' to do. :)


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Benjamin Linus
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Re: Greetz

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Greetings friend and :welcome:
Enjoy your stay.