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Hi, Hey, Hello

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Hi, Hey, Hello

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I'm Alex, have been reading the forums on and off for at least a year, reading along with the new weather JSON parsing, various topics, and documentation. Long story short, I've gone through a number of my own skins to try out various things, have roughly tried out most of the 'main' things that you would see in a 'standard' suite, and feel I can hopefully start helping answering (simple) questions that pop up.
I started with Notepad++ with RainLexer from poiru, which worked great, and have from there switched to Atom with the Rainmeter syntax package from NighthawkSLO.

My desktop as it sits currently:
With the popularization of transparent taskbars and similar, what I'm currently working towards is a compact taskbar skin/suite that sits always on top (not meant as a taskbar replacement though, the Windows taskbar can already be made very minimal nowadays), and follows the Windows auto-hide state using registry values (idea and adapted from the accent color matching method here:
The bottom row or two of pixels that control the Windows taskbar auto-hide trigger is somewhat finicky with programs that sit on top, but I think I have something that works, am currently working on what background/coloring is best, whether to figure out some kind adaptive coloring like Chameleon or not, which info to display per topic, etc.; and with the new site seeming to have settled for now, to add weather as well.

Otherwise, I've been a part of numerous online forums both as a normal user and some mod/admin positions, and from what I've seen, can say already this is a fantastic group, and hope to help when I can. :thumbup:
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Re: Hi, Hey, Hello

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Welcome aboard!