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Another new user

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Another new user

Post by Lodril »

Drawn in by the recent flashy coverage on the tech blogs, I thought I would check this thing out.
As I am not a programmer, I stumbled around for hours this morning trying to figure out even the most basic stuff. My success has been pretty limited so far, but I think I'm slowly sorting it out, and the program definitely seems capable of some very cool things.

Since I wanted to put the Rainmeter interface stuff on my secondary monitor, and that is to the left of my primary monitor, I decided to play around with the beta instead of the 1.1 version. I may also just be a glutton for punishment.
Do the old skins work with the beta version system? I was thinking of checking out some of the stuff I've seen on DA, but since the screen position code on things is different now, I'm not sure what will work from the old stuff and what won't.
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Re: Another new user

Post by Chewtoy »

Rainmeter has always, and hopfully will always be, backward compatible. So any skin done for 0.14 should well work in 1.2beta.
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