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How to use Git to make a pull request

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How to use Git to make a pull request

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Hi everyone. I've seen some folks here are proficient with Github. It looks like I can't get some basics working. On my github account I have a fork of a repositor but my fork is outdated. So I am trying to get how to create a pull request in this case? I mean how to first update my fork with the newest version of the original repository. I am trying to find step by step guide how to approach this but I am unable even to find a command how to login into github using git. Any hints would be really helpful.

So far I suppose I need to do these steps but I am not sure about the sequence being right as I couldn't find any information and the necessary commands:

1. Login to github
2. Set my working folder to D:/RepositoryName/Fork

3. Update the fork on github from the original repository (is it called refork?)
4, Download my updated fork from github and have a local working copy
X. On this step I make here local changes I want using Notepad++
5. Upload changes to my fork on my github account (it is called push I believe)
6. Request the original repository to update it with my changed files (make a pull request I guess)

My apologize if I ask something basic but I couldn't find anything with where I could start to do what I want.