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Motivational Level System 4.0

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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Motivational Level System 4.0

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Hey, so I know it's been less than a day, but I finished a major UI overhaul and added a config system so here we go.


-UI setup that's less clunky than 3.0

-New Stats Screen

-Ability to change sprite size to better fit scenes

-Backgrounds are now much easier to change (Horizontal Images give the best result)

-Toggleable Config Menu :
Edit Name
Edit Paths
Device and Button Colours (colour change auto refreshes system)
Change Sprite Size (also refreshes system)

-New files to better separate certain things
-PlayerName has been moved to
-Paths and Backgrounds have been moved to
-DeviceColour and ButtonTint have been moved to

-Created lighter versions of the Config menu as the normal version seems to cause a large amount of lag with Rainmeter when its open.
Note: Please rename the file to Config.ini and place in the Config folder. Then refresh all skins to make sure it activates properly.


Config Lite:
-10 total colour options
Config LiteS:
-Light and Dark Device Colours
-5 Button Colours
-Sprite size Removed
Config LiteS.ini
Config UltraLite
-Light and Dark themes only
-Sprite Size Removed
Config UltraLite.ini
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