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Motivational Level System 3.0

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Motivational Level System 3.0

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Hey everyone I'm back with another update to my Motivational Level System (MLS).


This update took a while even though most of the mechanics of this version are similar to the last.
Some things were tidied up under the hood and made less complicated.
Hope you all like it, and please let me know if there's any features you want from a future update, or ways it can be improved, or even just what you like about it. All feedback is welcome.


- Class system: Now each launcher will switch you to a class corresponding to the stat it raises

- UI overhaul to make it feel a little more light weight and less dated. As well as having the main body be semi-transparent so its less intrusive.

- Tapping the main screen now pulls up stats
- Reset and Config buttons have been added to the main body of the device (The nubs at the top left and right)
- The old Stop and Back buttons have been consolidated into one button called Cancel
- The reset button now has a "No" option instead of requiring you to hit the back button

- A new option has been added to the config for device backgrounds for whoever wants a fresh scene.

Update to V3.5 with cleaner design layout and made customising the background easier
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