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Network Monitor

Skins that monitor system information
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Network Monitor

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Network Traffic Monitor

Downloads on the left, Uploads on the right.
The bars light-up (fill) as the rate increases. Green < 1Kb, Orange < 1Mb, Red < 2Mb, 2nd Red ≥ 2Mb. During those rare times when there is no traffic, all the bars will be empty…

These thresholds are easy to customise by changing the values in the [Variables] section.

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I don't doubt that some may regularly cross the 2Mb rate, but I don't :)


By default, the widget is translucent, but when captured on a black background, it's just dark.

I did try and build this, using only Rainmeter code and components, but the arrow didn't look good enough, so I drew it in a photo-editor instead.
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Re: Network Monitor

Post by jsmorley »

Looks nice!