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Clementine Audio Player Integration

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Clementine Audio Player Integration

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Rational & Explanation
I am interested in creating a means to for Clementine to communicate with Rainmeter primarily but with potential for other audio players too. I chose Clementine as it's open source and for its feature set, I am aware that other audio players have already been integrated with Rainmeter but I've never seen it done with Clementine, despite looking for said integration.

Clementine Integration
I've looked into this a bit and talked with one of the devs of the Clementine project, they suggested that this could be done using their remote control API. This is an API primarily meant to interface with Clementine's android application but this could also be accessed via the TCP protocol on port 5500 by default. See the Clementine remote control API for more information on how this particular feature works and for those who understand java the code for this API can be found here.

Rainmeter Integration
This is where I need help. If Clementine can send and recieve packets to a given program over TCP on a given port, how could I go about sending packets from rainmeter then recieving data back from clementine? With this I could recieve data such as current track, track duration, repeat/shuffle mode, etc. and send commands to play, pause, skip, change shuffle/repeat and so on. Perhaps this could be done with a feature already in Rainmeter or a third party plugin, if it means I have to make it from scratch I'm happy to try.

Thanks for reading my post. I think done right this could make for a very useful addition to Rainmeter. Any help is appreciated, I don't think I can do this on my own.