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Stardock SoundPackager problems

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Stardock SoundPackager problems

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I need some help with my software:

I installed SP in my Windows 7 Ultimate x86 machine and it installed it correctly, and then i opened it, but when i tried to apply soundpackage it stopped working, it says to me "Ear Candy For Your Desktop Stopped Working, Close Program", it keeps doing it 24/7, though this is the first time ever i try to use SP but still, can you please help me how to get this work properly? I have latest Impulse installed too. I already contacted Stardock support.
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Re: Stardock SoundPackager problems

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There's a posting at wincustomize that might help you. I don't know if it's the same problem that you're having or not, read all the comments.

If that's not the same problem, post your own question and maybe somebody there can help you.