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Active Skin Manager Skin (No Lua)

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Active Skin Manager Skin (No Lua)

Post by Yamajac »


Left click to refresh, Right click to unload.

Uses one string meter to display every active config.

Gotta add in a max height and scrolling for when there's too many skins loaded at once still but it's workin' pretty well.
Also wanna make right click open a context menu instead of just immediately unload the skin so I can choose to edit, open the proper manage window at it, etc.

In the future I might make a skin browser similar to what the proper manage window has but I don't think that'd have any actual practical use over the manage window so I'll probably just add a favourites section instead similar to what I did in my filebrowser's favourites menu. Quick access to in development skins would be nice over having to open the manage window and find the skin in the huge list of garbage.