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HWiNFO CPU / Core skin

Skins that monitor system information
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HWiNFO CPU / Core skin

Post by jsmorley »

This skin uses the HWiNFO application and Rainmeter plugin to monitor the temperature of your CPU and the speed and load of each of your CPU cores. This is designed for a system with eight physical cores, but can be modified to measure more or less.

The speed at the top is the AVERAGE clock speed for all cores, which should closely approximate what is shown in TaskManager.

Get the HWiNFO application here:

The Rainmeter plugin will be installed by the .rmskin.


Right-click the skin to open the HWiNFO "Shared Memory Viewer", where you can get the values for the sensors for your system, and put them in

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Re: HWiNFO CPU / Core skin

Post by krakoukas »

As always, perfect explanations and usefull snapshots. Thank you Jeffrey