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Cannot Download

Backwards compatibility issues related to the conversion of Rainmeter to D2D.
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Cannot Download

Post by ana4davis »

I've been struggling to download Rainmeter 4.3. I had to reset my computer which ended up deleting the previous version I had(4.2 Beta), and now it's not even letting me download this version. Every time I attempt to download it it says that I need to close Rainmeter manually but it isn't open in the first place. I've tried to uninstall so I can install it again but it isn't even letting me do that because it keeps saying that I don't have permission even though I'm the administrator. Maybe I have to wait for 4.3 Beta version to come out I'm not sure yet..
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Re: Cannot Download

Post by jsmorley »

I assume you mean "install", not "download".

I would be tempted to follow this guide:

Being sure to reboot your computer after cleaning up any existing stuff that might have survived the reset of your PC. Then install the new version.