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Suggestion by user groen_ in IRC

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Suggestion by user groen_ in IRC

Post by jsmorley »

It has been suggested / requested that we look into the possibility of "linking" skins in some fashion that allows for 2 things:

1) Somehow highlighting 2 or more skins (or indicating "All") and having them drag together. There are several possible ways to do this I suspect. The most complicated would probably be some kind of "rubber band" drag & highlight approach, the simplest might be a checkbox next to each config on the context menu.

2) Adding the appropriate / possible "Skin Actions" from the context menu to a new top level version that is in effect "Skin Actions for Selected / All Skins". Things like position, transparency, draggable, click though etc. would be candidates for settings. Also higher level functions like refresh, close etc.

I suspect this is at best a major code effort, and at worst just not practical, but I thought I would throw it out there.
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Re: Suggestion by user groen_ in IRC

Post by dragonmage »

This is a component of the "grouping" or relational concept I've been asking for forever.