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Network Drive Status

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Network Drive Status

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This is more a request to any developers out there (as I myself wouldn't even know where to start or begin with making this) - but was wondering if it's possible to have like a network drive monitor created? One where I could type the network location, so for example \\severname\ - and the skin would let me know the status such as UP or DOWN next to it...

So, in the coding something like


etc etc etc

Where SERVER is where you would put the location of the server and NAME is what would print to the user on the skin. Wouldn't know what to kinda put in regards to the status, but a user could add as many servers as they wanted to the list and to the user it'd print like;

Server Status

server1 - UP
server2 - UP
server3 - DOWN

Based around the enigma skin would be fantastic too.