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Found a 404 link in illustro

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Found a 404 link in illustro

Post by Jeff »

In Network.ini there's this line

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; This measure returns your IPv4 address. WebParser measures are relatively complicated. If you're a beginner with
; Rainmeter, take a look at some of the other illustro skins before modifying this one.
; For more information, go here: is now a dead link (rip in peace), It was probably meant to go to

le redirect has arrived
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Re: Found a 404 link in illustro

Post by Brian »

We won't be doing any re-direct for this.

What happened is we were going to provide a tips article on how to get your public ip address, and provide links to different ip address providers....but I think we got side-tracked with other projects and *forgot* about this. :Whistle

Thanks for the reminder!