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how to change icons???

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how to change icons???

Post by emokillss »

just wan't 2 ask how to change an icon on my windows, ex: firefox or game icons or documents, not using the rocketdock or object,i just downloaded some png icons but i cant use it,noob here..........TNxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Re: how to change icons???

Post by P2C »


There is IconPackager from Stardock, which seems to be a good tool and I see many people using it. But it's not freeware. But I think you can't do much wrong with it.

I've used IconTweaker which is freeware and does almost the same job as the program above.

The only problem for me is, that it doesn't work well with Litestep :(

I'm only talking of Windows XP, as I'm on this OS. For other OS I don't know if these programs are working or if there are other (simpler) ways to do that.

And one more thing:
The windows icons are .ico-files, no .png. So if you want to change them, you would have to use .ico-files too. As said before, I'm talking about XP, I don't know how it's on Vista or 7.

Hope I could help a bit ...
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Re: how to change icons???

Post by karmat »

I use IconPackager and ObjectDock Plus. But if it's desktop icons you want to use, can't you use Rocketdock which is free?