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Splinter splits the heavy lifting with RM

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Splinter splits the heavy lifting with RM

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Use RM to control Splinter or run RM within Splinter. They each handle the same types of functions but some are better done with one over the other.

I may look into creating a Splinter plugin for RM even though they run perfectly, side by side, simply because it may scare less people away if it isn't a whole separate software. (thoughts on that?)
RM isn't to be beaten so may as well try join with it :)

RM skins & splinterfaces can appear identical. I've ported RM skins directly to Splinter, just to show how the exact same interface can be loaded in a different manner. In doing so I realized that when they were combined neither one of them had to use various other plugins or add-ons to get the same functionality. Installers, demos & tut below

Splinter Installer - Run the installer. Then download the portable version and paste it all into the installation folder, overwriting the installer data.
Splinter Portable

Demo -

RM & Splinter running together demo

Jenky tutorial